Participated in the ACM SIGSOFT Software Engineering in Robotics Summer School in Brussels, Belgium. The summer school offered lectures and practical sessions on (i) building and deploying, (ii) modeling and architecture, (iii) deliberation, planning, and execution, (iv) verification and validation at Bosch, and (v) swarm robotics. Featuring talks from academia and industry. It was interesting to see how Robotics Software Engineering is growing and the interest students from Robotics are attracted to learning more about software engineering practices to leverage their research and strengthen their profile to the market. Among the excellent talks, I highlight Ivano's take on architecting robotics software, Ilias' and Elvin's discussion on practical matters to self-adaptation in Robotics, and Ralph Lange and Michaela Klauck on ensuring the desired behavior on Bosch Robots. Special thanks to Darko Bozhinoski who organized a fantastic summer school on an important topic!